Christopher A. Thieneman



I was born and raised in Valley Station, to a loving mother and father who had very little, but who worked incredibly hard to provide my siblings and me with everything that we needed. My parents believed in church on Sundays, respecting your elders, a firm handshake, and standing up for those in need. They instilled in me very early on the true meaning of right and wrong, and that it was my duty to stand up and stop evil whenever possible, otherwise I was complicit in it.


I was taught that if I wanted to achieve something great, the only way to do so was through hard work. When I was ten years old, I told anyone who would listen that one day, I was going to play football for the Dallas Cowboys. Their taunting and skepticism only fueled my fire and inspired me to become laser-focused on my ultimate goal. Though brief, my dream did indeed become reality and I was able to suit up for the Cowboys. The determination, work ethic, and passion for success that I acquired while striving to achieve my childhood dream have endured in me as an adult, and I aim to use those same skills as I ignite change for our city.


You cannot make a tackle while standing on the sidelines. You have to get in the game and be well-prepared when called upon. Louisville needs change and I am ready to get in the game. I am up for the challenge, physically, mentally, and spiritually.